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You would have found customers who like to try out new things, seek new experiences in Idea To Opportunity stage. They will accept the MVP because of the novelty. However, finding the next set of customers requires you to cross the Product Go-To-Market Fit Chasm. This is a chasm because the nature of customer would have changed and their needs would also be more evolved than the initial set of customers you found. A large number of startups shut down at this stage as they either don’t know how to make the transition or they have exhausted their . While there are multiple reasons why a business closes. However, the single most critical reason is that nothing in a new entrepreneur’s background whether training or experience, has prepared him for how to set up a business.


While he would be ready to take coaching, read up and practice for becoming a cricketer or a badminton player or for succeeding in an entrance exam for joining a prestigious college however he does not undergo any preparation for setting up a business. He would never jump into a deeper end of the pool if he does not know swimming and yet he is ready to start a business based on an untested Idea.

This is where BYS comes in with a radically different approach which has been hugely successful- leveraging well established business as well as proprietary frameworks to guide the entrepreneur to success.

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BYS can help convert your Idea to an Opportunity with highest degree of certainty of success.

You can engage with BYS in various ways like Workshops, Coach Insights, Strategy Design and Deep Coaching

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Understand how to get an overview of convert an idea into an opportunity

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Session that deep dives into your specific issue and provides you alternatives to address the issue

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Exercise to create a high-level roadmap for a specific area

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To take you to VC funding from your current stage
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Sales is important

Learnt many concepts and strategies during the session



Extremely knowledgeable sessions

Would like to apply the strategies discussed to my startup.


Founder, LoanGini

Clear cut view on how to build customers

Helped us in funding related activities


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