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Deep Coaching Program

Build you startup with our support

Dedicated, intensive, contunuous, structured program
Executing to perfection makes your startup. This program provides you continuous deep mentoring, frameworks based structured thinking, guidance, appropriate expert insights for every function of your startup. Right from your early stage to growth.
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Strategy Framework for the appropriate stage of startup journey and the specific challenges to be addressed. Methodically, surge ahead. 

Decide on analysis blended with gut.

What you'll get

Strategy creation

Immediate and near term strategies keeping long term prospects clear. The strategic approach is blended with innovative tactics and blueprint that you can execute.

Functional support

Finance, funding, sales, marketing, operations, product / service roadmap, customer centric strategy, opening doors and your personal growth as a CEO.

The process



Build Business Strategy 
Execute, analyse, expert insights
Enable you to work as a CEO, on the business
Open doors for all aspects with strategic contacts
Complement for functional support

Continuous, guided engagement that ensures you take the right decisions, prioritise effectively, plan for impact and work towards goals that matter. And yes, not leaving out all possible and required functional support and doors be opened. 

Creation of pitch decks, marketing and sales collaterals, financial plans are additional benefits you get.

Impact Through Guided Process

Transactional to strategic

Start using strategy frameworks based on the stage and specific need of your startup and identify  "High Value Work Items". You, as an entrepreneur, start thinking and working on strategic value creation rather than transactional work items. You start working like a CxO.

Market alignment

Brainstorm and decide growth hacking methodologies to market, acquire customers and generate sales. Structured approach to tackle the most intriguing bottlenecks and challenges to start leading in the market.

Best startup experts

Entrepreneurs and startup coaches who learnt and succeeded the hard way are on your panel to support and guide you through a step by step process using frameworks. We reduce clutter and come straight to the point, even if you don't like it. We build your venture together as a partner on your side.

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