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We believe that Indian culture does not encourage entrepreneurship. Therefore our coaching practice must learn from cultures that have encouraged and celebrated entrepreneurship and have consequently built wealth and prosperity


Indian youth are trained for jobs over entrepreneurship

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Culturally Indian youths are seldom encouraged to become entrepreneurs. Instead they are usually “persuaded” to

  • Seek jobs rather than entrepreneurship

  • Start “Doing” rather than “think, plan and then execute”.

  • Be more realistic about economic realities of life rather than to be in touch with their emotions and follow their passion

Nothing in their upbringing or education prepared Indian youth to become successful entrepreneurs.


Consequently, they are not trained or coached to be an entrepreneur who can think through complex issues that setting up business will face and problem solve with an entrepreneur’s mind set.

Never taught to risk all for following their dreams


Western culture supports  entrepreneurship

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  • Children are encouraged to follow their dreams. They receive full parental support to be entrepreneurs should they show inclination and initiative.


  • Culturally youth are encouraged to get coached as well as make liberal use of thought frameworks, business models, business tools and coaching 


  • Businesses demonstrate very high degree of customer centricity and value creation


  • Their communication skills and marketing capability are highly evolved.

Why Bulletproof Your Startup

Given that countless Indians have no background, training or preparation for starting a business the “Seat Of the Pants” advising or mentoring based on experience has a very low success rate. BYS coaching methodology addresses this core issue by adapting the western thought and business frameworks and creating new ones where none exist to significantly improve the chances of success.

These 20+ frameworks are an integral part of a structured coaching process guided by “5 Chasms Journey” business evolution framework. The structured coaching process includes hands on intervention by BYS coaches leveraging these frameworks for an entrepreneur’s specific situation to help the entrepreneur convert his idea into a successful company. The process builds entrepreneur’s capability to think through complex challenges he will face in stabilizing and growing his startup.

BYS coaches help him strategize and then create, execute, review and refine his operations plan in a structured manner that covers his complete journey from the time he gets an Idea till he has created a growing company

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