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How can I raise venture capital for a tech startup?

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

I would say by going and meeting the investors and make a pitch to them for your startup idea. But this is not your real question.

Watch this video on "How to prepare your startup for funding"

The most likely question you are asking is that "How do I ensure a tech startup or for that matter, any startup will be funded"? And you are asking this question because you might feel that it will be difficult to establish the value of technology that is still not out there. In which case you are looking for early-stage funding. If you are looking for funding without going out and talking to customers who have shown interest or have signed up for your product securing pre-launch early-stage funding will be a challenge.

So here is what I would suggest you do. And I am assuming you have still not built the product.

5 steps to do before you meet any investors:-

  1. Identify what is the job the customer is trying to do for which he will use your product.

  2. Define the underlying nature of the job, what is the customer actually doing, what are his/her challenges, what difficulties is he/she facing?

  3. Understand whether the nature of need is critical or aspirational and if it is blatant or latent.

  4. Examine the nature of the problem that your startup idea will need to solve in order to service the need. Is the problem unworkable (something that must be solved now), urgent (that needs to be solved but it can wait), unavoidable (it will have to be solved ultimately), or underserved (it is good if it gets solved but it is something customer can live with)?

  5. Having done this now figure out how will you solve this in a manner no one has done before. That is you will disrupt how things are being done right now.

Now comes the key part.

  • Write up the high-level solution in a ppt or a word document talking about the problem you are going to address and how it will benefit the customer.

  • And go start meeting potential customers before you write a single line of code. You should have researched this in steps 1 to 4(written above).

  • If you are right the customers will tell you so or they will guide you on what needs to be solved.

  • Those who have shown interest ask them that if you came back with a solution in say 6 months would they give the product a try. Those who say yes request them for an LOI based on a scoping proposal you will submit to them.

  • You now have your initial set of prospects.

  • Now build a low-cost prototype and again go back to the same prospects and show them what you have done.

  • Once you have their confirmation on value delivered start talking to early-stage investors about what you are doing, how you have a certain number of LOIs from customers, and how you plan to give them a product for trial by a certain number of days.

  • Ask the investor would he be interested in investing in your venture of customers place a trial order.

You must initially spend an equal amount of your time on customers and product development. Post customers blessing your prototype spend 25% time talking to investors and 10% time keeping in touch with your prospects and 65% building your Minimum Viable Product that will be accepted by prospects for trial.

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