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What are the best-kept secrets about startups?

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

The best-kept secret about any startup is that it is, at its core, just a business but with a highly uncertain future. And you will see that suddenly the glamour of being a startup entrepreneur will fade away. Your friends will clearly not be impressed anymore and your parents or your spouse will promptly forbid you to step out of your house.

However, If you are passionate about a cause or have a purpose to change how things are then nothing can be more exciting than doing a startup and changing how people do things. As Steve Jobs used to say - be mad enough to try and create a dent in the universe.

Do not do it because you want to be rich. You will get there by doing anything well. Wealth is usually an outcome of great effort and smart work. So find something that you truly believe in and are ready to literally stake your life in doing that.

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