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Check Your Startup's Health

Don't leave your startup success to chance

We are certain that you will not leave any stone unturned to make success of your venture. In the journey, continuous tracking of your startup's health acts like the compass.


This self-assessment of your startup's health will give you pointers to identify gaps in your business or idea. You could build a self sustained venture or grow with investments. If you go for any kind of investments, readiness with responses to these questions will required. 

The questions have an inter-spread of trick questions to ensure you emerge clear about your startup.

Create the most convincing answers and compelling reasoning for this assessment.

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-5 on each of the response.


  1. Have you validated the criticality of the problem you are solving?

  2. Are you clear on why your customers will need your solution?

  3. Is your offering a must-have or nice-to-have?

  4. What is the priority at which your customers want to solve the problem?

  5. Do your prospective customers have alternative solutions?

  6. Have you validated the market in real?

  7. How is the market growing locally and globally?

  8. Is the problem specific to a segment of society or all encompassing?

  9. What is the part of market you will address?

  10. How did you validate the market response probability?

  11. Is it the right time to do this venture?

  12. Have you arrived at a competitive positioning?

  13. Do you see competition in the market or are you the pioneer?

  14. Do you have a clear launch plan?

  15. Did you experience initial traction and stuck on sustaining growth?

  16. Are you clear about your sales plans?

  17. Is your marketing campaign ready for effective measured progress?

  18. Have you attained laser sharp understanding of your customers?

  19. Are you your own customer?

  20. How long does it take to acquire every customer?

  21. Can you project your sales spot on?

  22. Is your cash burn clearly understood?

  23. Is your financial plan driving your fund requirements?

  24. How much revenues will you make in 12 months?

  25. How much money will you need to make the revenues 10x?

  26. Can you sustain without funding?

  27. What is your startup's valuation?

  28. How much equity will be ready to liquidate against fund infusion?

  29. How certain can you be to succeed in the market in current situations?

  30. How much return can you offer to investors?

Scores and significance:

The closer your score is towards 150, higher is your startup's probability to be a healthy business.

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