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Sustain Your Business

Your business model is robust and is in place. The Go-To-Market Strategy is right to grab market share, new geographies. The executive team is in place to help the organization become a professionally managed company. Investors have an iron clad term sheet to ensure you deliver on the agreed upon milestones. And your biggest challenge is that you have in all probability never managed a big business through a professional executive management team. A large number of founders find themselves in a zone where they need unbiased guidance of coaches and advisors who themselves have managed sizeable businesses at executive management level. And very often investors are forced to bring in a professional CEO if the founder fails to deliver on the milestones as they either don’t know how to make the transition. However, the single most critical reason is that nothing in a new entrepreneur’s background whether training or experience, has prepared him for how to run a large business.


While he would be ready to take coaching, read up and practice for becoming a cricketer or a badminton player or for succeeding in an entrance exam for joining a prestigious college however he does not undergo any preparation for setting up a business. He would never jump into a deeper end of the pool if he does not know swimming and yet he is ready to start a business based on an untested Idea.

This is where BYS comes in with a radically different approach which has been hugely successful- leveraging well established business as well as proprietary frameworks to guide the entrepreneur to success.

Chess Game

Our coaches will analyze each of your ideas and methodically help you evaluate which of these ideas has potential using a combination of frameworks like <Jobs To Do>, <Dr. Roger’s technology adoption curve>, <Need analysis>, <Problem analysis>, <Customer gains & pains>. They will help you figure out the MVP (minimum value proposition) that you should start with, at a minimum cost and with maximum traction.

BYS can help convert your Idea to an Opportunity with highest degree of certainty of success.

You can engage with BYS in various ways like Workshops, Coach Insights, Strategy Design and Deep Coaching


Attend a


Understand how to get an overview of convert an idea into an opportunity

Participate in a


Session that deep dives into your specific issue and provides you alternatives to address the issue

Engage in a


Exercise to create a high-level roadmap for a specific area

Sign up for a 


To take you to VC funding from your current stage
Similing Team

A Few Words From Our Customers


Helped in achieving our goals

BYS immensely helped us to lay down the roadmap


CEO, Recro


Very Informative Session

This deep coaching session helped us in deciding our goal and how to achieve it



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