Startup Funding Master Class

Discover why funding need not be your biggest worry as a Startup entrepreneur. BYS has successfully guided a number of startups on creating a viable funding strategy that while maximizing shareholding for the entrepreneur would create a financial runway to success.

Attend this webinar and receive 3 exciting gifts FREE

1. Free coach consultation

2. free templates to simulate investment size and investment timelines

3. Gain free access and membership to the online BYS community

About The Session


•Learn about the startup fundraise trap

•Understand what it means to build a sustainable company or creating wealth for yourself.

•Understand what is required to make your startup a very attractive investment that will draw the marquee investors.

•Discover what Early Investors Worry About and how to address those concerns

•Figure out how to estimate the enterprise value of your startup in the pre-revenue stage

•Learn perils Of devolution and early fundraising

•Find out alternative sources of funds





About The Host

Ravi Challu

Founder, Bulletproof Your Startup

Startup Coach, Coached 3000+ startups, 42+ years industry experience; Serial entrepreneur; 7+ years deep SME and Startup Coaching; Founder, Bulletproof Your Startup; IIT Kanpur alumnus.

2 Floor, 460, Teachers Colony, Bengaluru 560034

Tel: +91 9886102372 / 80

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