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Marketing on a Shoestring Budget | BYS Startup Coaching

Marketing on a Shoe-string budget, feeble outcomes, and too much trial and error dominates most of the startup's marketing efforts. Now that the world is waking up to the new normal, would you like to examine and figure out how you can make your marketing efforts worthwhile and effective?

Saturday, 18 July, 2020 at 4:30:00 am UTC

About the SESSION

This workshop brings a methodical approach for you to think and rediscover your marketing strategy as an entrepreneur.

In this workshop, we will cover:

-Startups need sales. Why spend on marketing? 

-Is there a template for startup marketing plans? 

-How do you define the marketing budget? 

-How can you measure marketing outcomes? 

-What is the difference between marketing and GTM? 

-How important is good content? 

-What change can marketing bring to sales? 

-Do investors accept high marketing budgets in planning?

Ask your favorite expert "all about marketing strategies for your startup"

About the SPEAKER

Ravi Challu

Founder, Bulletproof Your Startup

42+ Years of deep expertise on setting up large businesses from scratch. Managed P&L, Sales and Marketing for Large global corporations, SME  having annual sales 1000 Cr and Startups running sustainably now. IIT-Kanpur 1975. Strategy and Sales Approaches, Innovations in Marketing are his strength.

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