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Metrics & Data Your secret sauce to drive revenue

This workshop delves into the mysterious methods of measuring startup success using metrics for startups. Startup success rate is determined by multiple factors encompassing Key performance indicators and Key startup metrics. A startup success analysis reveals data so many times not looked at carefully but could be the bridge between the success and failure.

Saturday, 11 July, 2020 at 4:30:00 am UTC

About the SESSION

Startup Key Metrics to drive revenues and success will be discussed in a methodical and presentation model. Key topics covered will be:

Marketing research

Marketing data

Marketing data Analysis

Sales Funnel

Sales Metrics

Identifying key areas of focus

How investors measure startup growth

Startup success rate

And all this, in a very interactive, knowledge intensive workshop.

About the SPEAKER

Ravi Challu

Founder, Bulletproof Your Startup

42+ Years of deep expertise on setting up large businesses from scratch. Managed P&L, Sales and Marketing for Large global corporations, SME  having annual sales 1000 Cr and Startups running sustainably now. IIT-Kanpur 1975. Strategy and Sales Approaches, Innovations in Marketing are his strength.

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