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Startup Funding Made Possible

Good news: Startups are getting funded!

Investors are looking out for businesses with solid foundation. Your business can be the next.

This workshop is to get you a clear understanding of the financial and funding strategies to be focussed on in these times and increase your clarity on these aspects of your business.

Saturday, 6 June, 2020 at 4:30:00 am UTC

About the SESSION

Funding Foundations

-Which segments of startups will be funded now?

-Are early stage startups getting funded?

-Is revenues required to get funded now?

-How to create an elevator pitch?

-How to decide valuation?

-What is the amount of fund you should raise?

-What equity share should you offer investors?

-How do investors evaluate startups?

And so much more ... From your favourite startup coaching program.

About the SPEAKER

Ravi Challu

Founder, Bulletproof Your Startup

42+ Years of deep expertise on setting up large businesses from scratch. Managed P&L, Sales and Marketing for Large global corporations, SME  having annual sales 1000 Cr and Startups running sustainably now. IIT-Kanpur 1975. Strategy and Sales Approaches, Innovations in Marketing are his strength.

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