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How to get your First Investor

Which type of funds required for your STARTUP? And When? Before you approach the first investor, learn all the knowledge required to understand funding.

Learn From over 42+ Years of work experience SME and Startup Coach.

Only limited slots available

Saturday, 8 August, 2020 at 4:30:00 am UTC

About the SESSION

• Do you NEED external funding for your startup?
• What stage of growth do investors FUND?
• How can you build a CUSTOMER FUNDED your startup?
• How to calculate the VALUATION of your startup?
• What parameters do investors EVALUATE?
• What are the various SOURCES of funds?
• How to DEPLOY investor’s money?
• When to RAISE ANGEL AND SEED funding?
• How to create your TERM SHEET
• How to calculate EQUITY sharing?
• Equity adjustment on a real term sheet to understand the impact of funding

This is a not to be missed event in your own city.

More than 3000 entrepreneurs have benefited from our past workshops over the last 2 years.

About the SPEAKER

Ravi Challu

Founder, Bulletproof Your Startup

42+ Years of deep expertise on setting up large businesses from scratch. Managed P&L, Sales and Marketing for Large global corporations, SME  having annual sales 1000 Cr and Startups running sustainably now. IIT-Kanpur 1975. Strategy and Sales Approaches, Innovations in Marketing are his strength.

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